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Women Only Classes


P31 Fitness

P31 Fitness is about empowering women of all ages to experience freedom Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually through a unique fitness environment.

Women from different walks of life come together for encouragement and support in all areas of health

The workouts offer variety in style, routine, and format.
Class sessions include cardiovascular work, weight training, kickboxing, body resistance training, stretching, and core work.

The workouts will always offer a wide range of variety so expect something new each time. We close each class with time to reflect on your spiritual and physical health and always have opportunity to share with other women.
Each of the P31 trainers works to insure safety and proper technique while challenging your body to reach new levels of fitness.

When you join this program, you will receive a discount on your gym monthly membership at THE STATION.

* If you go 2 days a week, $10 discount will apply

* If you go 3 days a week, $15 discount will apply

* If you go 5 days a week, $20 discount will apply

Classes: Our Classes
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